Table of Contents, by Author

Daniel Ari: "911"
Cathy Barber: "Some Haiku"
Scott Bentley: "Aloft," "The 10,000 Things"
Gayle Brandeis: "The Gum Tree," "Isinglass"
N.M. Brewka: "Exposure"
James Cervantes: "Clear and Mysterious"
Melanie Conroy-Goldman: "The Darkness Comes Back"
Sarah Eddenden: "Hot Tea"
John Gilgun: "The Naming of the Conditioned Responses"
Vince Gotera: "The Tattooed Man Showing Off His Girly Tattoos"
Susan Gubernat: "Voyeur"
Will Hochman: "The Writer Revised"
Richard Holeton: "Year of the Pig"
Halvard Johnson: "Thrust"
Leigh Kirkland: "The Water Park Closes for the Season"
Susan Moon: "Saturn Man"
Sara McAulay: "Observed by Deer"
Walt McDonald: "Faith is a Radical Master,"
         "In Shallows of the Brazos"
Rochelle Nameroff: "At the Bottom of the Sky"
Sonya Smith: "Fitting Back Into My Life"
Scott Tinley: "Eros, Poseidon and Me"
Cathy Warner: "The Painter is Here"