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The Tattoed Man Showing Off His Girly Tattoos

Vince Gotera

That one there on my right arm--that was my very first girl friend.
Me and my buddy did her together with India ink and a sewing needle.
Too much pain that way, but I could take it. All the way to the end.

One thing's for sure: I like girls. Hey, you gotta know I like girls
'cause I go out with everything--black, red, white, yellow, purple.
That one there on my left arm--that was my last year's girl friend.

Ain't that one something? Nice tits, long hair like a Hawaiian girl,
used to love to hula dance and all. Only trouble was she liked pearls
too much--that's a pain: bust your butt making money and in the end,

nothing--except me, I got this here tattoo. Ain't the broad got one hell
of a figure? Got another one on my chest, this one's a Jewish girl,
here on the right side. The year before, that one was my girl friend.

Bitch was more into belly dancing, used to practice in my face, belly
shaking right up in my face. When I flex my tit like this here, well,
too much, hey? She knew what to do for your pain, shimmy her end

right up on your face. I put my favorite one over my heart, this girl
down here on the left side--ten years that broad was my girl friend.
She tried to be just like a tattoo, tried to be this tattoo, she was really
too much, you know? Life's a pain, a bitch, then you die. The end.

     Based on an interview in the feminist film Rate It X (1987).

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