The Ten Thousand Things

Scott Bentley

       Check the figures.

        in an infinite series.


Blank as boards, marked tablets
for counting ancient representations where a sign needs no
catalogue assignment.
The symbol was understood, the concept
experiences our investigations to continue

facts astro xerox.
Indicates the absence of a quantity.
Say, a hunter came home without any game.
Occurring as a negative solution, having no intersecting history
was a mean void empty of measure.
Red or triangular rods or black or square rods.
Considering the probability
of a
baker baking pie.

The mystery found between terms and differing patterns:
symmetry, regularity, harmony, simplicity.

What system was in the heap?
Standard mathematics
aim to convert structure to exhaust.
Striking a studied pose
scopes the notion,
breaks the shape.

Whenever the quality doesn't change, take a number.
An appropriate model:
the constant.
Vibration analysis, circuit design, and tossing off
a perfect spiral. A light will comes rising against.

The circumference divided by the...


Graphics by Lisa Pintado-Vertner

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