The floating sphere is an ingenious application of synergistic architecture. Because a sphere provides the most volume over the least amount of material, the interior space increases far faster than the surface area. Thus, if a sphere was constructed out of a lighter material, say, plastic and aluminum, and had a diameter of a mile to a mile and a half, it would exhibit some interesting properties of note. The most pronounced of which is that it would float, slightly hover in air.

A meditation upon reading, Buckminster Fuller: At Home in the Universe.


Scott Bentley

At home in a floating sphere, Buckminster Fuller's universe is an ingenious
exhibition of synergistic architecture. Thus, if Buckminster Fuller floated
on the surface the application of interest would construct an interior space
of diameter. Area properties increase the most as does Buckminster Fuller

pronouncing half lightly in a meditation provided the least space and application.
Because if Buckminster Fuller exhibits a pronouncement of interest, the universe
is increased slightly by a volume of a mile to a mile and a half of floating material

and interest. Constructed out of a lighter surface, the interior of space
increases far faster over Buckminster Fuller. Some note that the exhibit
has a hovering property because Buckminster Fuller was a genius, reading

at home. Lighter than air mediation is a plastic lighter and Buckminster
Fuller surfaced to construct a universe full with interiors and a diameter
of spheres floating in architecture. Buckminster Fuller, a slight synergist

of note, read volumes of spheres upon an area afloat, providing a homey light
over the least amount of material. Say plastic and aluminum, pronounce it

Buckminster Fuller because it is safer. At most the amount of filler
is minute in a minute; at the least it is but a buck and a half, minister.

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