Table of Contents

Arlene Ang: "In the Company of One"; Contest
Daniel Ari: Contest
Cathy Barber: "The Show"
Sara-Anne Beaulieu: "My Almost Made-Up Poem
Robert Bradshaw: "The Sign"
Susan H. Case: "If Freud Had Been a Lutheran"; "On the Carpet"
Michael Cocchiarale: Contest
Angela Costi: "My Signature"
d.b. cox: "american business card"
Janet Lynn Davis: "Basin people"
Geona Evans: Contest
Steve Finbow: "The Human Balloon"
Taylor Graham: "Glaciers"
Barbara Jacksha: "Consider the Living"
Suzanne LaFetra: "Still Life With Flowers"
Sara McAulay: "Guernica"
Clive Matson: "Calliope Mind"
Corey Mesler: "Daylight Savings Semiotics"
Mark Miklosovich: Contest
J.B. Mulligan: "Autumn Walk"; "The Soul & the Mind"
Rochelle Nameroff: "The Accident"; "Finding the Way Home"
Lisa Ortiz: "Powder Room"
Anthony Adrian Pino: "Beach House in Winter"
Susan Richardson: "Metamorphosis"
Ian C. Smith: "Gone"
Aline Soules: "Palimpsest"
Sue Stanford: "Get It, Mum?"
Robert D. Vivian: "The Rendering"
Patrick Walsh: "Explain Fear as Virus"
Colleen Webster: "August 9"
Kelley White: "Consumed"; "Counsel
Andrena Zawinski: "Dreamboat"