imageJB Mulligan
The Soul and the Mind

The soul: Does the wind qualify its every statement?
             Do the waves of the ocean say
            "Except for this one situation?"

The mind: It's easy for the world, it only is.
            It has no fallibility.  Of course,
            it is corruption of an ideal form –

The soul: That's what I mean!
            It's only the world.

The mind: It's only everything,
            the skin of God, its song.

The soul: Yes, exactly, but still
            it's only the world.

The mind: And now who qualifies?

The soul: It's the same damn thing.
            You have two eyes to see
            one vision.
            It has two truths to be
            one thing.
            A world to dance with in moonlight,
            to kiss beneath the trees.

The mind: I know where I'd like to kiss it.

The soul: Sometimes I think there's hope for you.

The mind: Or would, if it had any –

The soul: That's enough!

The mind: Listen, it's not a battle.
            We're the two eyes
            and the two truths
            of the self.

The soul: Fine – then come with me
            and leap across the river,
            startle the jumping fish
            and set the birds
            exploding into raucous dark.

The mind: Let me get my sweater.  Wait!

The soul: If it weren't for these chains –

The mind: We wouldn't be.

The soul: If you don't move your ass, we're not.