"Onionskin" collage by Elsa García

Table of Contents, Alpha by Author/Artist
Carolyn Adams: Collage, digital art
Arlene Ang: Contest
Wendy Battin: Kali Yuga
F.J. Bergmann: Contest;
Earthly Delights; Perfection
Mary C. Cost: Little Morning Poem;
M.T.C. Cronin: A Bootful of Hate
Denise Dee: Lush; photographs
Patricia Fargnoli: Hallelujah Singers
Michaela Gabriel: Contest
John Gilgun: The Parts of the BodyTalk...
Jack Granath: Cocktails
Abha Iyengar: Contest
Beverly Jackson: Contest
Shelley Jackson: Interview
Ward Kelley: Every Kiss Resonates
Russ Kesler: Smoke
Cheryl Klein: Things the Body Does
Walt McDonald: Woman Titian Could Love

Kate MacVean: Vernacular
Karyna McGlynn: Emmett & the White Boy
Corey Mesler: In Your Body;
Your Body, a Pretty Prison
Erin Murphy: Aftercast; Argument/Discussion;
They're Making This Poem Into a Movie
Rosita Nunes: "Written on the Skin"
Daniel A. Olivas: Four Seasons
Michael O'Reilly: Calla Lily
Claudio Parentela: Drawings
Roger Provencher: Contest
Anthony A. Pino: Contest
Jessy Randall: Dictionary of the Body
Susan Richardson: The Thaw
Steven Rydman: Dress Up
Aline Soules: Blank Page
Pamela St.Clair: Counting Monsters
Ira Sukrungruang: Boy Scout; Float
Margaret Szumowski: Beauty Pageant
in Sarajevo

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