Jordie Albiston ~ "Things To Do (Heart)"

Aaron Anstett ~ "Winter"

Cathy Barber ~ "What I'd Keep"

Catherine Brousse ~ Photographs

Yvonne Chism-Peace ~ "Graduation Day"

Angela Costi ~ "The Yellow Circle"

MTC Cronin ~ "Pale Voice & Kangaroo"

Ina Cumpiano ~ "Black Box," "For Ivan, Eaten by the Tropics"

Terryl Dunn ~ Drawings

Holly Farris ~ Micro-fictions

John Grey ~ "Unshaded" (front page)

Susan Ito ~ "Missing Children"

Janet Kenning ~ "Out of Place," "Tearing It Down"

Ian McBryde ~ "Stalingrad Briefing: 1943"

Walt McDonald ~ "Bus Stops In a One-Horse Town"

Gwyn McVay ~ "Our Black Madonna"

Anna Moment ~ "Letter to Paul"

Rochelle Nameroff ~ "Matinee In Winter"

Stephen Newton ~ Each Day Then Was as Each Day Now,"

"Mask of the Octopus," "Our Family Had a '55 Ford"

Rosita Nunes ~ "Rumba Tuesdays"

Roger Pfingston ~ "Host," "Scented Bat Oil,"

Brenda Ross ~ "Jenny's Rant"

Tamara Sellman ~ "Traveling Salesman"

Ian C. Smith ~ "Places He Has Slept"

Adam Tavernier ~ "Prayer To the Goddess of Lost Love"
John A. Vanek ~ "Beached"

Kelley White ~ "Patient Phone Call"

Niama L. Williams ~ "Beloved"

Xu Xi ~ "Jazz Wife"