Tattoo Highway #22 will go online in SEPTEMBER.

Until further notice we are not reading mss.

The future of TH as an online journal is uncertain. We are still exploring the possibility
of a print "best of" anthology.

Submission Guidelines

GENERAL GUIDELINES: Interpret our themes literally or loosely, as you wish. Our tastes are eclectic. We like fresh, vivid language, and we like stories and poems that are actually about something — that acknowledge a world beyond the writer's own psyche. If they have an edge, if they provoke us to think or make us laugh, so much the better. We strongly suggest reading a previous issue or two before submitting.

While we particularly welcome poetry and short "screen-reader-friendly" prose or cross-genre pieces (1000 words or fewer), we do publish longer work if we can't live without it. (It happens!) We encourage hypertext and new media (Flash .swf) submissions, also photographs and original graphics.

All readings are "blind"; authors' names and other identifiers are removed. Writers may submit up to 5 poems, prosepoems or flash fictions (500 words max), or 2 longer prose pieces. While we prefer to see work that has not been previously published, we do consider work that has appeared in small-circulation print journals. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know promptly if you place your piece elsewhere.

We're sorry, but we don't pay contributors. We don't pay ourselves either.

As always, we're featuring our CONTEST
"A Picture Worth 500 Words
Click here for details.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Email submissions to as a Rich Text Format (RTF) attachment or as plain text in the body of your message, and with TH21 in the subject line. For hypertext and Flash submissions, provide us with an URL where we may view the work online. Send graphics in .jpg format. We reserve the right to resize images.

Upcoming themes:
We're on indefinite hiatus. Do NOT send mss. I will feed them to my dogs!

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