Clive Matson
Clive Matson has published poetry since 1964. The most interesting thing he's done lately is co-edit (with the late Allen Cohen) the anthology of 9/11 poems An Eye For an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind (Regent Press, Oakland, 2002), which won the 2003 PEN Oakland Josephine Miles National Literary Award. Mostly he writes from the itch in his body. This is old hat, states his how-to-write text Let the Crazy Child Write! (New World Library, 1998), to the delight of writing workshops. He has taught more than 2,000 nationwide. His seventh book, Squish Boots (Broken Shadow, Oakland, 2002), was placed, amazingly, in the coffin of his mentor, John Wieners. "Delightful and penetrating at the same time, these poems are a revelation," comments Susan Griffin. Matson lives with his wife, poet Gail Ford, and their seven-year-old son Ezra, in Oakland, California.