Adam Henry Carriere
"Born and bred on the South Side of Chicago, I currently live and write in Las Vegas, following my White Sox from afar. I've taught writing at both my alma mater USC and Columbia College, UNLV, aboard deployed US Navy ships, and in South Korea. My writing has appeared in Gloss, The Chiron Review, Strip, Gay Poetry Online, RFD, Blood Brothers, Between the Leaves, QTribe, Odyssey, and the Las Vegas Sun. I've presented papers on the rivalry between Ian Fleming & Graham Greene, the celebrity of Georg Friedrich Handel, and Britain's Hammer Films. My first novel is currently under submission while my second lurches toward completion. I'm also this year's winner of the Nevada Arts Council Literary Arts Fellowship in Poetry, and am working dilligently on my next keno win."

He also edits the online journal Danse Macabre.