John Grey
She's Fishing with Her Lover

Quiet, he tells her,
you'll disturb the fish,
but she's sure the silence
disturbs her more
than noise does

any school of silver trout,
cruising innocently
along the river bed,
ignorant of men.

He was up early,
with tweezers, magnifying glass,
making lures.
Even then, it was
don't bother me,
and hands more excited
than touching her.

Now, he thinks, with her book,
and her back against
a tree, she should be
enjoying this.
Or at least, the sight of her,
thumbing softly through
the pages, is the closest he comes
to putting her out of mind.

Nothing's biting but
that doesn't seem to matter.
She remembers what was hooked
at five a.m.:
her lover on that tiny fly,
his wide eyes like bass
snapping at the hook,
reeled in by his deliberate hands.

fishing image