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Decisions ... Decisions
Richard Provencher

Hey, Harry! Look, humans. Do you think they're going to swat us for crashing here in the camping trailer?

Nah. They're too busy. Watch.

What do you mean? Harry, stop ignoring me. What are you looking at?

I feel sorry for that human girl. I really do.

Harry, explain yourself. Here we are in this nice trailer. There's good food crumbs here and I just tasted a piece of cheddar cheese on the floor. I just love the yellow. It's almost the same color of the sun that warms my wings when I -- you know.

Hey Lilla, quit your chattering and come here. Look at that human girl. I know what her problem is.

And what is that, my smart insect husband?

It's not the same with humans. We have this chemical that floats in the air and we know we were meant for each other. But humans — they have choices.

You sure use big words for a little bug, Harry.

Yes, now come here beside me. Forget the cheese and the crumbs. Now look.

You're right, Harry. She's pretty, too.

I know, but not as much as you. Lilla. Besides they would never be able to fly through a broken window like we did. I think those human boys like her.

But Harry, which one will she pick? There are three of them.

I know. That's why she's thinking. She has to make a decision.

Come on Harry, let's go finish off that cheese.