Corey Mesler
In Your Body
Your Body, a Pretty Prison

Corey Mesler has been a book reviewer for numerous papers for over ten years and for much longer than that he has been fumbling in a greasy till, selling Philip Roth and Iris Murdoch and Richard Powers and Steve Stern to the great unwashed who come to him from fourteen surrounding counties, asking "what is there to read?" such is his reputation. He has published work in Yellow Silk, Black Dirt, Blue Unicorn and Green Egg, and that's just the colors. His first novel, Talk, appeared in 2002, and a chapbook of poems, Chin-Chin in Eden, in 2003. He is the husband of the world's most patient woman, and a damn fine bookseller in her own right, and the father of two children, whose talents have so far surpassed their father's he can only shake his hoary head and mutter.