The Way Americans Talk Now
Marie Kazalia

First the wordless girl,
smiling, standing beside, listening
to a young guy in sad hip suit.
Rapidly describing,
for a friend holding a video-cam,
—history in the making—
how they'd cut open
a plastic baby
then filled the cavity
with rolled bits of paper
tied up with string,
Wishes in writing.
But the baby disappeared
from the hot springs,
where they were soaking,
the bowl it floated in gone.
But someone gave them a
stuffed blue dragon.
So they built a bon-fire
made of kites,
—a theater group—
tossing on more and more kites.
And the fire singed the dragon,
and the shout went up,
"It's the dragon's destiny."
The burn mark in
the exact shape of the plastic baby.
All smiles as the three
moved away,
—pretending to be great—
to catch their train.

blue doll