Gwyn Henry
Wetbacks: The Video
Witness to an Exit

Gwyn's stories and poems have appeared in numerous jounals, including The Poetry Conspiracy, Driftwood Highway Anthology, Blue Planet, Cattle Call, and The Artful Mind.

Excerpts from her novel, Tales for the Dolphin, appeared in Lynx Eye and The Santa Barbara Journal.  A third excerpt won 1st place in the San Diego Writers' Cooperative Fiction contest in 2000.

Her performance art has been presented at Sushi Performance Art Theatre in San Diego, and at San Diego State University. She published two season of The Horse Might Talk, a poetry broadside featuring local poets.

Also a  lyricist, she performs her songs in San Diego area open-mic nights, and teaches dance at the California Center for the Arts, as well as movement for meditation classes at the Philosophical Library in Escondido.

She lives in Escondido with ther husband, daughter, and a cat named Tiger Lily.

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