A Picture Worth 500 Words

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Such an Acrylic Sky
Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis

Give me a chain link fence
          & I’ll cast the net that catches a Botticelli she
with butterfly breasts, with skin somewhere between butterfat
          & gold-plating. Give me just that fence
plus the wherewithal to strain the human world down to dry goods
          & litter, dead leaves & shrubbery, the tin cans
& oil paintings—the whole we-were-here mess of it all.

          Turn around & the scene shifts, the sky
cut into an insect’s sky, a faceted sky, diamond-cut
          & bathroom-tiled sky. Turn her around & all that she sees
is fractured, a windshield hit & spidering. Give me a chain link fence
          & I’ll line it with what I’ve worn & cast off, what I’ve drawn
& what once drew me. Give me such a place & I can partition
          this from that world & choose a side.

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