Anthony Adrian Pino
Plum Valley—Joaquín and Me

BA (English) Santa Clara U; MSA (Business & Government) George Washington U; 32 years of Federal service (recipient of the Distinguished Career Service Award). 6 years with Stanford University (senior contracts negotiator). Two nationally-published technical magazine articles. Lived overseas (Europe) for thirteen years and in the Washington DC area for eight.

About writing:
I am a Californian born and raised. Living away from the state of my birth and dreams has created a hunger to re-create the California of my youth in writing. I create at least one work a week on this subject, mostly poems but occasionally short stories too. I want to be known as a writer of California, to celebrate the state, its land and its people, to impart to others a sense of its beauty and history. The energy that comes out of this state is beautiful, forceful and sometimes violent; it offers continuous inspiration for artful writing.

At California State University Hayward I am working toward a second Master's Degree. I do this for stimulation and association with other aspiring writers, and perhaps to establish a 3rd career teaching others to appreciate literature and writing.

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