~ TH/5 Table of Contents ~

Daniel Ari ~ Poem: "Vegas Kills Me"
Cathy Barber ~ Story: "The Wasps"
Janet Buck ~ Poem: "If Graves Could Write a Diary"
Wes Chapman ~ Flash poem: "The Promise of Implied Mountains"
Doug Crandell ~ Prose: "Why They Make Methamphetamines"
Shelley Ettinger ~ Contest: "Gil and Lil On Orchard St."
Phoebe Kate Foster ~ Contest: "Offerings For Kali"
John Gilgun ~ Poem: "Play It Again, Sam"
Jeff Gray ~ Poem: "Just After Breakfast"
John Grey ~ Poem: "Rita Stranded In Ohio"
Susan Gubernat ~ Poem: "The Snake and the Fig Leaf"
Jennifer L. Holley ~ Poem: "Mother Ghost
David Howard ~ Poem: "Lawyer's Point"
Ward Kelley ~ Poem: "Express Motion"
Valerie MacEwan ~ Contest: "Legs Like That"
Ian McBryde ~ Poem: "Unborn I Drove"
Stephen Newton ~ Prose: "Theory of Fire"
~ Poem: "This is Where It Starts" (front page)
Rochelle Nameroff ~ Poem: "I Want to Talk About Poison"
Judith S. Offer ~ Poem: "Boundaries"
D.S. Richardson ~ Story: "The Dream House of Archie Katz"
Michael Karl (Richie) ~ Poem sequence: "Basho's West Coast Journey"
Ian C. Smith ~ Prosepoem: "Ancestors"
Bara Swain ~ Prose: "Emerald Philodendron"
Adam Tavernier ~ Poem: "Hunger"
Lucy A.E. Ward ~ Contest: "Tesse-Ra"
John West ~ Poem: "Night Duty"
Sylvia Wheeler ~ Poem: "Trilobites"
Elizabeth Wray ~ Prose: "The Weatherwatcher"