Kelley Jean White
Got Bugs Dancing All Out My Walls
Been Home Alone Too Long Blues

after "Beef & Salts Photos: Bugs," The Arturo Portillo Project, 2006

I got seventeen crickets
They ain't supposed to have wings
Seventeen crickets
With winking Reynolds Wrap wings
They keep clicking by my doorknob
Waiting to steal my house door keys

I'd introduce you to Connie
But she's Mitch's ball-and-chain
I 'd make her show you her thorax
But Mitch is learning how to sting
See he might have been a drone then
You know she used to be a queen

I saw Carl and Margie
Down at the wholesale five and nine
Carl was buying Margie
A frying pan and turpentine
I don't want to think about them
Making my stove work overtime

You know Winnie was a grub once
Lived under a stone with Mark and Saul
She got heavier and slower
Then Orlando came to call
Mark got curled up and thigmotactic
Orlando carried Saul out alone

Marianne met Rex
It was summer, light and hot
When the fall came she got hungry
Laid some eggs inside a log
Rex came by, said baby you can eat me
Marianne said I don 't mind at all

I got twenty-seven crickets
Flying in my candlelight
Twenty-seven crickets
Waving red sparklers in my night
I do believe they found my wallet
I heard them start the car and drive