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Cathy Barber
Yes to My Breasts

after Kathleen Fraser's
"Poem in Which My Legs Are Accepted"

Yes to my breasts
Huge breasts
Lumbering breasts.
Ten-pound breasts
Double G breasts
In your face,
under my face breasts.

A yes to my breasts
changes adolescence
A yes to these breasts
is a yes to boys,
a yes to sex
a yes to poking out my sweaters
and pulling in at the waist.

Yes to these breasts
is a yes to my rack
a yes to hooters
a yes to ‘the girls.’
Me and the girls are
rewinding our lives.
We’re dressing up
and going out on the sidewalk.
We’re walking with the back
straight and the chin up,
the head high. The eyes
are aboard for a second chance.
These eyes aren’t looking down.
They’re looking back, looking hard,
saying yes to this body,
the one we’ve got,
the one we’re in praise of