Shana Bickford is a graduate student in the English Department at Cal State Hayward. She spent much of her childhood traveling back and forth across the country, by hitchhiking or via Volkswagen bus, for no better reason than to see a folk music concert or stare at Mt. Rushmore. She and her family slept in corn fields, freeway medians, and truck stops. Shana believes the best thing about growing up that way was the unusual and quirky material she accumulated for her future writing career.

Shana incorporated some of her hitchhiking experiences into her Ramona stories seen in this issue of Tattoo Highway. Of course hitchhiking is dangerous and Shana is saving the story about when her entire family was kidnapped for a future issue.

Shana has a soft spot for animals in need and has had many unusual pets, from a goat, a deer, a duck, and a cow, to a chicken who used to ride on her shoulder. She currently has two rescued cats, Bart and Maggie, and a twenty-six year old horse, Tasha, who she saved from slaughter over twenty years ago. She has three rescued rabbits, Bunny, Beatrix, and Cowboy Bob. She is a Bob Dylan fan and believes that he is the greatest lyricist of all time.

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