Karolina Garrett: "Jesus, Karolina, get the hell out of the road," my older and younger brother yell at me, more impatient than ever with my usual antics on day eight of a fifteen day road trip. I'm standing in the middle of a narrow street in Taos, New Mexico. Just a short distance away a professional photographer arranges a tall brunette woman for the shoot and I'm transfixed. Why? Simple. There are sudden moments when a myriad of sensory details come together and I'm caught by surprise. This day the light in the New Mexico sky is the bluest blue I've ever seen in all my travels around the world. But this caught-by-surprise moment also happens when I read -- off or on line. You can imagine, then, that I've had many similar moments helping publish this literary e-zine, Tattoo Highway, here at Cal State Hayward. And so my future goals are simply to find shades of light that surprise me, writings that just plain capture my whole attention, and students in the classroom who always challenge and remind me why I'm committed to the profession of teaching. By the way, I'm 36 and my brothers are near me in age yet they still yell at me when my attention focuses on a fine point in life. I guess they always will.

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