Ellen Dillinger ("Marking the World") has been a cartoonist since the 1970's, when she read underground comix like Twisted Sisters, R. and Aline Crumb and the like -- "It seemed like the best possible way to tell one's tale. I began with 'Life is Terrible and Romance is Weird' personal testimonial cartoons and then found my cartoon 'voice' with the 'Carmen Milkman, Literary Detective' series. With the format of 'Carmen' I have been able to philosophize on various eccentric topics in what I hope is a humorous way. One thing Carmen has NOT been able to discover is how to solve the world's problems or make a living from cartooning, which is why I spend the other part of my life working as a part-time medical transcriber or standing in front of government buildings holding placards and protesting various inequities."

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