imageLisa Moore Ramée
Best Friends

She's not even looking at me because we're not friends anymore even though we used to be best friends, best, best friends, the kind of friends that borrow clothes and tell secrets and read each other's diaries and tell each other the truth, so we hardly had time for anybody else since we were all about each other, spending as much time together as we could and usually at her house because she's rich, well her dad is, and so she had all the cool stuff in her room that I wanted, like a computer and a TV and privacy, and even her own bathroom that was grey inside just like the inside of her Mercedes that her dad gave her when he decided her mom needed a newer Mercedes, so she got the old one — like two years old — but I never got jealous because she shared everything with me and didn't trip it at all, not at all, so I don't know why I had to go and mess everything up by telling her business when I guess I should have just kept my mouth shut, and I can tell that everyone is on her side because people are looking at me sideways like maybe they can't trust me, and I'm not sure if I would trust me, even though I only really told one person, and I made her swear not to tell anybody else, but Kat must have told everyone she saw as soon as she left the bathroom because by the time I got to fourth everyone was whispering behind their hands and looking at me and looking at her and she knew, I knew she knew and I couldn't say anything because there was no way she would have listened to me not after I opened my big mouth but I had to tell somebody because it was like the biggest pimple on my face just waiting to be popped, you can't just ignore it, you gotta mess with it and I guess I thought maybe, well maybe if I told, it would stop bothering me, I wouldn't have to feel bad about it anymore and maybe Kat would say I was just being silly and that everybody's father plays with them the way I saw La Shonda's dad playing with her and her not stopping him, not stopping him and not telling him I was in the bathroom and could hear them and could see them and that it was nasty, just nasty, to have your dad all on you like that and if Kat had said that yeah everybody's dad was kinda like that maybe I would've believed her because I don't have a dad and I don't know much about them and how they do, but it seems like I guess I shouldn't have said anything because now she won't look at me and I don't think she likes me and I'm not sure if I like her all that much and so we're not friends anymore and I don't even want to look at her.