imageThe Last Time
Anthony Adrian Pino

You could have played it straight just this once — for me, the children, the future, for those young kids dying over there, ignorant of politicians getting rich on warfare. Just once, that's all I asked. I could have forgotten the cherry bomb at the Vatican, the German band outside Mike's graduation ceremony, the Groucho nose and glasses at Marian's piano recital, and even your copping a feel off the priest at the wedding. All that I could have forgotten for this one — the big rally, the mayor, the widows, the grieving mothers. You knew this was really important to me, knew I wanted it to succeed. But, no, you had to be there in drag, on stilts, twirling that insipid umbrella, in the orange suit and outrageous bow tie, and that Jack Nicholson make-up job.

It's always about you, isn't it? Always about you.

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