Dan Smith
pathos wiggle

maria wont let my brother rooster serve punch at the wedding even though shes not that serious doesnt think im that serious not knowing how things weld in the world of two turning wheels that make people close awful quick wondering about tattoos and bikes which are things shes not that interested in and in some ways wigged out by just like early twenties me red dog altered in front of a clubhouse listening to merle haggard delbert mcclinton zz top blaring like the two and a half inch drag pipes shed have never liked that much just like she may not have liked me then she loves me that much now simply being beside the point that sometimes we find self astounded and unused to give take yin yang however you want it none of us are not each other that may or may not dig that all the inclusive i can do is do what i do

Graphic: Bead curtain doorway

yin yang