bambooBarry Spacks
Weed in the Bamboo Patch

crossing State Street
I pass an infant
smiling, in a stroller,
his thrust-out finger
pointing the other way
the bear:
he eats twelve salmon:
sleeps all winter:
doesn't need
a back-pack
my hero:
Woody Allen, who'll doodle
even death away
much less Shakespeare's wind & rain
with a wiseass klezmer solo
the dregs of the cup:
vacancy within;
and then:
walking a friend's little Apso dog:
how he sniffs, how he pees!
Buddha rose and said
"unhappiness happens"...
all we want is happiness
and unhappiness
no room
for spacious being
in one still in love
with the corset
of his name
once in a bamboo tube
a snake can't back up, change its mind...
tie your nose-rope, says the lama,
to your topknot,
and GO!
how you enhance
my teacher-training,
shameless weed in the bamboo patch
aspiring, of course,
to become a tree

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